Xero - Features and Benefits

Xero - Features and Benefits

How AZP works with clients to get the very best out of Xero - not just as an accounting system - but more than that, as the provider of key information for financial management and making the most of the potential of the business.

The best way to introduce people to Xero or show them what it can do is to sit down with the laptop and go through the features.  in the following some of the main features of the package are summarised.

Xero is an online system designed for small and medium businesses and their advisers.  It is simple, smart and secure.  It claims to be the easiest accounting system in the world.

The online system means that both the client and the accountant can view the accounting records at any time and from anywhere.  Clients can access regular informative online reporting including cash flow, profit, etc which will help keep them right up-to-date with and in control of the financial position of the business.

And they have access to a wide range of smart facilities which save time, leaving more time for running the business.

Because clients have access to the same online information as their accountant issues can be discussed easily and queries which arise resolved.
Some of the main features available are:

The dashboard provides a real-time view of the business at a glance with a snapshot of key information including bank balances.

Easy bank reconciliation.  Automatic daily bank download of transactions.  From those downloads bank reconciliation can be easily undertaken by the client or the accountant.

Manage individuals and organisations contact details in the system and have this information readily available for invoicing etc.

Quoting & Invoicing
Get a single view of where your money is coming from and when.  Create and send quotes and invoices and track through reports.

View and manage how much money you owe and what is due for payment.  Make payments through internet banking from Xero.

GST Returns
GST returns are produced from within the system enabling efficient processing and timely filing.

Reports available in real-time and anytime.

Access to the system available from anywhere using PC, Mac or mobile devices.

Use Xero payroll or other payroll service providers with automatic recording to Xero.

For the accountant
Xero simplifies end year accounting through the 'single ledger' which means that the accountant is using the same files as they client.  The aim is to keep accounts complete and up-to-date during the year so that end year accounts and tax returns can be generated with a minimum of reworking (and least cost).

AZP is just about 100% Xero based and we have been using the system almost from when it first started.  Whether clients need a new system set-up or need help with an existing system we can help with that and full training in all aspects of the system.