Payroll with Accounting Zero Plus

Payroll support and processing is a main stream service provided by AZP.

Accurate payroll processing is obviously very important for both the payer and the employee.
The many rules and variations which occur in employment means that knowledgeable support is needed to get things right.

AZP has clients using several payroll systems.  For large payrolls the main provider used is Crystall Payroll which can handle large numbers of employees efficiently and provide advice where needed when the tricky issues come up.  Crystall Payroll integrates with Xero providing automatic entry of pay information.

For smaller payrolls either Crystall or Xero Payroll are used in most cases.

From 1 April 2019, filing of payroll returns with IRD will be required at each payday rather than monthly as previously.  We expect this to be handled efficiently by these providers.  Payment of PAYE to IRD will continue to be monthly.

Call us for any help you need with payroll matters or to discuss system options.